inter club transfer

Transfer between clubs happens twice a year. The process of transferring entails the runner getting his/her club secretary they are leaving to sign the transfer form, then the club they are transferring to needs to have their secretary also counter sign the document. Then the runner needs to get the document submitted to the county board of the club they are transferring to/from (either can submit on your behalf) for ratification at a board meeting. The current transfer window and deadline dates are as follows:

(A) All documents need to be signed and returned to by the 10th August 2019, no exceptions on this, as I need to collate them and forward by request of the Dublin County Board by the 13th August.

(B) The official window closes the 31st August, and in September all transfer requests will be processed by the county board. In the month of September while runners are allowed to run in races, they are not allowed to run for their outgoing or incoming clubs.

(C) Once the ratification process has completed in September, the runners can then run for their new club from the 1st October onwards.

You can download a copy of the transfer form hereĀ transfer-form , fill out as per the above sections A,B,C.


Brothers Pearse Secretary