Brothers Pearse AC Weekly adult training wc 29/07/2019

Training Notes

Monday and Thursday – the usual meeting time is 6.50pm in Cherryfield. Route decided on the night. Plenty of craic in the pack, so join the easy run to have some fun .

Tuesday and Wednesday
Its the 3 x 3k at different paces session.
1k at marathon pace, 1k at half mar pace and 1k at 10k pace… 2mins active recovery and repeat.
Meet at Cherryfield at 6.50pm for warm up. Session will start at 7.10pm in Cherryfield. ( path still blocked in Dodder Valley) . Watch your paces, work in groups, and share the load. ET will advise the lead groups if they should do 4 sets.

The 1k lap of the two field is fine. Nettles cleared from the gap, but just be aware of the ruts in that one corner of the second field , and dont cut the corners in our own field, as you need to go almost down to the corner and across the line of the trees to get the 1k.

Monday and Wednesday – Returnees group meet at 7pm in Cherryfield. A mixed session of easy running, core work , and some shorter intervals. All welcome if you are trying to get fit again, or easing back from injury, or need a down week.

Tierneys Tempo Saturday as usual in Marlay at 9am. Give it a go. You know you want to !

Long runs continue every Sunday. Get in touch with Debbie Kelly for all the details.

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