Brothers Pearse AC Weekly adult training wc 22/07/2019

MONDAY – meet at Cherryfield for 6.50pm for an easy run . It might be on grass, or you might end up on Death Hill. Only one way to find out. Be there!

TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY – meet at Cherryfield at 6.50pm for warm up. The session is the deadly but popular Cherryfield Ladder..
So as follows
300m – equal active recovery ( track not marked so will have to guess that a bit by follow the leader)
650m – equal recovery or 75% for faster groups
1k – 75% or 50% for faster groups
1 mile – 50% recovery
1 mile – as above
1k – as above
650m – as above
300m – as above

Work in groups as much as possible. Share the pacing especially in the faster groups. You are working hard in all of these intervals, but you need to pace them properly to ensure you get even splits on each one. There is little point in clocking 4mins for the first 1k and that dropping to 4.30 on the second one because you pushed too hard.

THURSDAY – easy run night is going to the Resevoir meet at The Old Mill pub at 7pm warmed up. We will head to Boherabreena from there. Not sure what the time frame is but probably 25/30 mins one way and then turn back and finish at the Old Mill for a few refreshments. Bags etc can be left at the Old Mill, so bring a change of top etc. This was a great success the last time we did it. Thanks to Philip Doyle for arranging this.

For those easing their way back to fitness or want to improve a bit before taking on full club sessions, I will be doing a 45/50 min session at Cherryfield starting at 7pm. The session will include some easy running, an intro to intervals, some strength and conditioning work, and plenty of banter. I will be doing this anyway as i am coming back from injury myself, so the session will go ahead regardless of whether there are other runners. Look forward to seeing a few lapsed runners down in Cherryfield.

Tierneys Tempo Saturday – as usual in Marlay at 9am .. a great and very popular session and will be hugely benefical if you come along consistently to do the session.

Long Run Sunday – great to see so many out as marathon schedules are taking over your lives. Keep it going. It will all be worthwhile in October.

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