Brothers Pearse AC Weekly adult training wc 22/04/2019

Training Notes
Wonderful weather. So don’t neglect the hydration and sun cream. Keep the good habits . You all know the importance of preparing properly for any training session or run, so very crucial to drink water to ensure you get the best out of yourself .

Monday – easy run from Cherryfield at 7pm. Meet at 6.50pm. Route decided on the night.
Good luck to the crew doing the Clontarf 10miler on Monday morning.

Tuesday and Wednesday
Meet at Cherryfield at 6.50pm
Session is 10-12 by 400m at Basketball Arena cycle path.
It is the session with the reducing recovery.
So 45secs, 30 secs, 15 secs, 90 secs, 45 secs, and so on.
We did this a few weeks ago so hopefully you will have a note on your Garmins on what times/paces you did. Please replicate those interval times or maybe push a little more by shaving a few seconds off the times. Run with the group ahead. Dont be afraid to test and push yourself. Make sure the discipline is kept on recovery and have someone watch that properly. You know how much better you will feel if you adhere to the correct schedule on recovery.

Thursday – Clonliffe 2 miler. The plan is to get as many in Clonlife as we can. A great race , short , sharp and tough. Start and finish on the iconic Santry Stadium track. See the fbook page for details.
If you can’t make there will be an easy run at 7pm from Cherryfield

Tierneys Tempo Saturday as usual in Marlay at 9am . Make it your summer goal to attend this a few times during the next few weeks. Eamonn would love to see a big crowd .

There are a good number of runners out injured at the moment, or at the very least , trying to return from injury. If you are one of these and need some company on a slow easy run, please please remember there are others like you who are thinking the same thing. So post if you are looking for company on a run.

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