Brothers Pearse AC Weekly adult training wc 01/04/2019

Training for Week starting 1st April

Monday and Thursday – Easy Club Runs
Meet at Cherryfield at 6.50pm, and be warmed up and ready to run at 7pm .

The route will be decided on the night . Thursdays route is usually posted on the Fbook page by Alan
The pace is whatever suits you on the night. Come along and have a nice relaxing few miles with your clubmates
With Terenure and Tallaght on the horizon, it would be useful to include some of those routes in the run . Also useful to finish with a few strides in Cherryfield on the grass

Tuesday and Wednesday
Meet at Cherryfield at 6.50pm, and be warmed up and ready to run at 7pm .

This weeks session is 4 – 6 x 1Mile at 10k pace with 3 mins active recovery

We will be using the 1 mile lap in Cherryfield . We will start the lap in the second field and run down into the first field t the corner and then go left onto the path that takes us down behind the container , all the way up to the turning point at the end of the 3rd field , and then back down into the second field. The lap is a little short of 1 mile so there is plenty of room to tag on a bit extra in the second field .
Please jog slowly on the recovery 3 mins

Your Pace Guidelines are as follows
1 mile reps

2:30:00 – 10k time 31:42 – 5:06 to 5:15
2:40:00 – 10k time 33:43 – 5:25 to 5:34
2:50:00 – 10k time 35:43 – 5:45 to 5:54
3:00:00 – 10k time 37:43 – 6:03 to 6:14
3:10:00 – 10k time 39:42 – 6:20 to 6:34
3:20:00 – 10k time 41:40 – 6:40 to 6:53
3:30:00 – 10k time 43:37 – 7:00 to 7:12
3:40:00 – 10k time 45:34 – 7:20 to 7:32
3:50:00 – 10k time 47:30 – 7:38 to 7:52
4:00:00 – 10k time 49:26 – 7:58 to 8:11
4:10:00 – 10k time 51:21 – 8:15 o 8:31
4:20:00 – 10k time 53:15 – 8:31 to 8:51
4:30:00 – 10k time 55:09 – 8:51 to 9:09
4:40:00 – 10k time 57:02 – 9:10 to 9:28
4:50:00 – 10k time 58:54 – 9:29 to 9:45
5:00:00 – 10k time 60:46 – 9:29 to 10:05

You will need to judge your effort on the lap as there are some parts that are quicker than others. ( Down behind the container can be quick , but the last 250m back into the 2nd field is slightly uphill ) And always , it is a much better idea to finish each lap strongly , compared to slowing or faltering in the last 50 metres. Finishing strongly is great mentally and is also a good habit to get into for race practice . That is not an invitation to race each lap with your group, it is just a mindset that you need to ingrain in your thoughts as you go through each lap . Groups are even more important in this session so be sure to gather up everyone at your level and support each other , and don’t let anyone drift off the back. And try to take it in turns to lead the laps . Actually make a point of telling someone to lead the lap.

Tierneys Tempo Run
Meet in Marlay Park warmed up and ready to start at 9.00am

This is a great session and is open and suitable to all abilities and paces. Why not try it out this weekend. Plenty of advice and support and there is nothing to be wary of . It is just like doing a Parkrun without the crowds . See you on Saturday !

Training Committee

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