Brothers Pearse AC Weekly adult training wc 18/03/2019

Training Notes
Monday and Thursday.
Meet at the Iona Centre ready and warmed up for 7 pm. This is the last week meeting at the Iona Centre. Next week will be meeting at Cherryfield. As usual the route will be decided on the night. Try to throw in a few pickups during your run , or maybe finish with a strong last mile.

Tuesday and Wednesday
This week it is Stocking Lane short hills…hate to be doing long hills!
So meet at the Iona and ready to leave there at the latest at 6.55pm. The warm up jog to the roundabout at the top of Stocking Lane takes about 15mins so if you are going direct to the roundabout and be warmed up and ready for 7.10pm.
We will be doing 8 – 14 reps depending on your standard

The guidance for these hills is purely advisory. Everyone has a different way to get thro these hill repeats. In simple terms the jog down the hill MUST be easy , especially near the top . If you are not out of breath at the top of the hill, you need to work harder and benefit from the easy jog down the hill. Please try to do 1 more repeat than you did the last time.
As we said above ,some people like to run hard from the bottom and try to hold onto their pace, others like to build their pace by running comfortably at the bottom of the hill but building the pace as they reach halfway and finishing strong at the top. You all know your own method, so why not try the different way and see how you get on.

We really want runners to run with a group in this session and hopefully with everyone taking a turn in taking out the pace . But we also need someone to be disciplined in callling the shots on the jog to make sure everyone is getting proper recovery and keep the group together as much as is possible. There will be an even bigger focus on groups in the next few sessions.

Everyone should do at least 8 reps. Lots of you should do 10 , and plenty should push on and do 12-14.

If you raced at the weekend ( a few doing Mullingar and a few doing the Paddys Day race) then ask Eamonn about the session. At lot depends on how you recovered.

Finally as this is a popular session , why not contact someone who has not been down training recently and get them along on Tuesday or Wednesday. If you are one of those, come on, get the act together and lets see you on the Death Hill this week.

Tierney’s Tempo Saturday .
As usual in Marlay Park , warmed up and ready to run for 9 am. This is the bedrock session for a lot of people. Why not test yourself next weekend by giving it a go. It is suitable for every single runner in the club.

Training Committee

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