Brothers Pearse AC Weekly adult training wc 04/03/2019

Training Notes

Monday and Thursday are easy run nights. Route is decided on the night .

Tuesday and Wednesday session is

“1K Intervals at 10K pace. A minimum of 4 reps with 2/3 min active recovery. 5 reps will make it a great session, 6 if you are pushing very hard in your training. We will run from the Speaker Connolly car park up over the bridges and the 1K mark is near Ahearnes exit. Session will start at 7.10pm so be warmed up please. If running from Iona Centre we will leave there at 6.55pm .

Be careful if you are doing the Bohermeen Half next weekend.

At the last training committee meeting ,we spoke about working out paces people should run at for different intervals.

Ian has made out a generic table based on people’s predicted marathon times. He has used a running calculator based around the McMillan calculator. People’s marathon times are not always a good indicator of their 10k pace but we need some baseline and we think people are more likely to know their marathon time with more accuracy than their half marathon or 10 mile times. We also know some people may be more suited to 5ks than marathons, so they may be at the faster or slower end of this paces but they can work that out for themselves, it’s not an individual table it’s a generic table.
If anyone doing the session wants more specific targets they could provide more information to the committee about their times/current fitness/targets etc and we could be more accurate with what they should do in the sessions.

1K intervals 2-3 min active recovery
4 to 6 reps

2:30:00 – 10k time 31:42 – 3:00/km to 3:07/km
2:40:00 – 10k time 33:43 – 3:12/km to 3:20/km
2:50:00 – 10k time 35:43 – 3:24/km to 3:32/km
3:00:00 – 10k time 37:43 – 3:34/km to 3:43/km
3:10:00 – 10k time 39:42 – 3:45/km to 3:55/km
3:20:00 – 10k time 41:40 – 3:54/km to 4:07/km
3:30:00 – 10k time 43:37 – 4:05/km to 4:18/km
3:40:00 – 10k time 45:34 – 4:17/km to 4:30/km
3:50:00 – 10k time 47:30 – 4:28/km to 4:40/km
4:00:00 – 10k time 49:26 – 4:40/km to 4:52/km
4:10:00 – 10k time 51:21 – 4:52/km to 5:04/km
4:20:00 – 10k time 53:15 – 4:58/km to 5:13/km
4:30:00 – 10k time 55:09 – 5:09/km to 5:15/km

To run a 3:30:00 marathon the calculator shows you should be able to do a 43:37 for 10k.
This is actually 4:22/km, but it says 1k reps should be 4:05 to 4:18 which is faster than your 10k pace so I guess it depends on how many reps you do. If you do 4 x 1k it should be at the faster end and 6 x 1k it should be at the slower end.

This is something we hope to be doing for every training .

Tierneys Tempo takes place every Saturday in Marlay at 9am .
Be ready and warmed up for 9am. The tempo is a minimum of 5K . It is open to everyone . It is beneficial to every level of runner.

Long runs ( posted on fbook page ) every Sunday .

Training Committee

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