Brothers Pearse AC Weekly adult training wc 25/02/2019

Training Notes
Monday and Thursday
The usual club easy runs meeting at the Iona Centre at 7pm , ready and warmed up. Route decided on the night.

Tuesday and Wednesday
Meet at Iona centre for 6.50pm ready to jog to the Speaker Connolly car park for a 7.10pm start.
The session is 3 x 2miles at your 10 mile pace. 2 or 3 minutes jogged recovery between each 2 miles. This is a variation on what we have been doing the past few weeks so whilst it sounds tough, it is not a lot different from that Marathon Mission session. The crucial part of the session is getting that pace right. It might be a little difficult to get your own 10 mile pace , as not all of us have done a 10 mile race or even run a 10mile training run. The important thing really is not to do this too fast because you will not be able to hold that pace for the second and third set. The aim is to get a set of 3 done at very similar times.
We are using the loop up the outside to the Old Mill , back in at Ahearnes, and down the Dodder Walkway taking in the triangle and finish back at the car park. It should be almost exactly 2 miles. Dont worry if it is a fraction short or long , just use the one full lap and then replicate your time on the other two.
If you dont feel you can manage 3 , just do 2.
Also very important that we really focus on grouping and dragging each other along. If that means you slowing a fraction or having to push a little harder to be in a group or with someone, then that is the right thing to do.
These sessions are all great for developing your ability to sustain a pace in any race. So no matter your level or fitness, they are very beneficial.

Tierneys Tempo
Usual spot in Marlay every Saturday at 9am .
This session is very well attended, but we need everyone to know that it is absolutely open to every single runner in the club. And it is just the same as every other session in that it is of huge benefit to all levels. This is just the same as doing a Parkrun without the crowds of runners around you. You pick how far or how long your tempo run is. You will get great advice and support at the session. And you will love the coffee afterwards ( it is complusory to listen to at least one ET story)

The committee met during the week. The plan to the end of June is almost ready to be released. You will not see to much in the way of new and different sessions, because the belief and the general feedback is that we have the balance right.
We will have plenty of races for you to target , so please try to set your own race schedule for the next couple of months when you see the schedule. It is always good to plan well in advance and have that focus to fuel your training. We also plan to put a bit more in the notes about preparing for training and getting the most out of each session. We are very focused on every level of runner in the club. If you want to run Championship races , or do the Graded meets on the track, or just take part in patkruns, well we want to help you achieve whatever goals you have. So talk to the experienced runners ( or Eamonn, Ray, Peter, Sinead , Ian, Mick etc) and get the advice and help, to guide you . As always we value and need your feedback, either good or bad.

Training Committee

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