Brothers Pearse AC Weekly adult training wc 18/02/2019

Training Notes
Monday and Thursday
As usual we are meeting at the Iona Centre ready to run for 7pm. Route will be decided on the night. Why not phone a friend who does not generally do the Easy Run midweek with the club and bring them along for some nice sociable miles.

Tuesday and Wednesday
It is the Marathon Mission session.
Meet as usual at Iona Centre at 6.50Pm and head to the Speaker Connolly car park , ready to start our session at 7.10pm.
So for clarity it is 3 x 1k continuous. First 1k at marathon pace, second K at half mar pace , and third k at 10k pace. There is a 2min break between each set and we are doing 3 sets.

As usual be sure on your paces, dont get the first one wrong. We all know the session well now having done it quite a lot in the past 18 mths. This is a session to help you really understand pacing and watching your effort levels. It is an excellent workout for everyone , even better if you are targetting 10milers, or halfs or full marathons in the coming months. There MUST be a up in pace after each k , and if you dont do that, then you wont get the benefits from the session.

Next Saturday is Tymon Pacer Day. Please help out if you can. Again learning to pace is a great way to understand effort rate, so if you have never paced before, why not come along next weekend and run with one of our more experienced pacers and watch how it is done. You will see that most of them barely look at their watch, they just know what pace they are going at and they consistently talk to the people they are pacing. It is really good for your running and will help your confidence levels.

Tierney’s Tempo Saturday
As usual Eamonn will be calling the times in Marlay . You need to be ready, properly warmed up and focused at 9am

Finally the Training Committee are meeting this week. If you want to come along and have some input, please let me know asap and i will give you the meeting location and time when it is agreed.

Training Committee

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