Brothers Pearse AC Weekly adult training wc 21/01/2019

Monday and Thursday is easy run nights. Route decided on the night. Meet at Iona Centre at 7pm warmed up and ready to run. There is a concern that a lot of people are parking their car and just heading off on the run. So please please for your own safety and enjoyment, get a bit of a jog in before you head off. It is really important.

Tuesday and Wednesday . We are on 400s as there is a lot of people doing Raheny. So for this week only we will meet at Cherryfield and jog from there to the Basketball arena. So meet at Cherryfield at 6.55pm ready to move by 7pm. It’s a 10 min jog to the location. By all means meet there if it suits you but as we are doing 400s , you MUST be warmed up. We will do 8/10 reps with 60 secs recovery.

Please guide any new or returning members through the session as it can be a little tricky if you get the pace wrong. The aim is to do all reps in similar times ( wind permitting! )

Tierney’s Tempo Saturday as usual in Marlay. Take it handy if you are doing Raheny. If not go hell for leather and enjoy the coffee and Eamonn stories afterwards.

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